I love Churros. Crunchy donuts with cinnamon and sugar dipped in chocolate sauce. But even without the chocolate they are delicious. And since part of our family now live in Spain, we are on a quest to find the best. We have discovered that Chocolateria San Churro have dairy and egg free churros and their dark chocolate pot is also dairy free (but please ask each time you go!) so it was our date night dessert spot while I was off those things. And we took the family one day for a special treat when some special people came to visit us from interstate. Jemima was so thrilled! Unfortunately Cohen had a mild reaction which we treated with antihistamine – we think the table or chairs had nut crumbs/residue which got onto him – that dampened the excitement a little.

So last week, while the boys went to the cricket, Jemima and I made churros at home. I was lacking in equipment but we made do with my little Tupperware pastry squeezer (I have an old edition of this one which looks like it would work much more easily than mine) with a little star shaped nozzle and a metal egg flip to pick up the cooked churros out of the oil. I rarely deep fry and so struggled with the oil temp but I reckon I’ll be able to do it better next time. They were a bit small and lost their starriness but still yummy!

We used this recipe and tweaked it a little (I halved it and used a bit less sugar and oil in the mixture). Jemima loved rolling the churros in the cinnamon sugar. Mind you, it was the only thing she could be involved in – it’s not really a great one for kids in the kitchen with too many heat elements! But a yummy result.


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