Salmon and radish salad

I love radishes. I know it’s not one of the most popular of vegetables but I love it’s peppery bite and juicy clean crunch. I also love that it’s very easy to grow. If you want fast results for little people in the garden, grow some radishes.

Seriously just thrown together once the kids were in bed – I was hungry!

When you don’t eat dairy, you have to ensure you eat things that have calcium in them (as well as taking a supplement!) and salmon (with bones) is a good source of calcium and omega 3 fatty acids. Radishes have some lovely vitamins and minerals too including calcium.

Here’s a simple salad that I put together one lunch, mostly out of my garden.

A few leaves of lettuce (I used butter lettuce)
Half an avocado, sliced
1 small tin of red salmon (pink if you like, but I much prefer red so buy when on special – it’s so much yummier)
1 radish, cut in wedges

Combine it and eat. You could add a splash of balsamic if you wanted to.

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