Super easy sausage rolls

sausage rolls

I saw these sausage rolls made on Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals TV show last year sometime and resolved to make them. They looked so simple! Since we need to avoid dairy and egg for Jemima I had to adjust the recipe but they were still very yummy even without the parmesan cheese. You can find the original recipe online reasonably easily.

My dairy/egg free version (serves 4):

2 sheets puff pastry
6 pork sausages (or a pack of pork chipolatas)
Fennel seeds (I used about 2tsp), slightly crushed if you have a mortar and pestle
Something to act as an egg wash – either straight soy milk or 1 egg worth of No egg made up.
Nutritional yeast flakes

Preheat oven to 220C. Cut pastry sheets in half and place sausages length ways down the pastry (you can do it on a diagonal with chipolatas if you like). I find it takes 1 and a 1/2 sausages to each length. Sprinkle over the fennel seeds and the nutritional yeast flakes. Wet the pastry with the milk/No Egg at the edge and fold over. Use a fork to press the edge together and place on a tray (I use baking paper underneath). Brush with milk/No Egg. You can sprinkle sesame seeds if you like and cut into appropriate sizes. Place in the oven and cook until golden brown and sausages cooked – approximately 15-20min. My oven is pretty slow so ours were only just golden by the time we were hungry for dinner!  We serve with salad on a very groovy Hello Kitty melamine plate 🙂

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