Chocolate Protein ‘ice cream’

‘Treats’ over Easter …. oh my goodness …. the amount of sugar, artificial colours and preservatives my kids have been given … eek!!

So we have had a few days of indulgence but are back to normal eating now. However, the kids are still on school holidays and are asking for ‘treats’.

Tonight we are off to a movie night and this one is perfect to take along – treats for everyone, treats that will be kind to their little bodies!

Place all ingredients, except bananas into a high-powered processor or blender and blitz until combined.

Then drop bananas through top chute onto spinning blades. Process until well combined and creamy.


In a thermal cooker use speed 5 to combine the initial ingredients and while you add the bananas, then up to speed 7 for 10 seconds, scrape down and repeat.

Eat immediately for ‘soft serve’ type ice cream, or place into a freezer safe dish, cover and freeze for a couple of hours so you can ‘scoop’ into cones.

Before the freezer ….
2 minutes out of the freezer – perfect scoops!


Serve on its own or with topping of your choice. Makes enough for 12-14 decent sized scoops.

Enjoy 🙂

*If you use the sunflower seed butter you might also like to add in 1-2 tbsp maple syrup since it doesn’t have the sweetness of the dates in it that the other spreads do.

**if you haven’t made the protein mix you can roughly replace it with 1.5tbsp coconut sugar, 1.5tbsp cocoa and 2 tbsp almond/seed meal.

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