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Apart from this website and blog, I spend a lot of time on the Itchin’ Kitchen Facebook page and Instagram – come join us there!

But when you really love what you do, you tend to talk about it to anyone and everyone who’ll listen!! So on this page you can find a few of the other places I discuss and teach nutrition, kids, allergies and edible gardening.

**Recently, the Clinical Journal of Allergy and Immunology released a new report with the findings that total bans in school on food items like peanuts was likely not the best way forward for managing allergies – hear my conversation on ABC Perth’s Drive program with Geoff Hutchinson about how we manage the issue.

**I recently delivered a presentation on Food and Mood to a group of School Principals who are looking at the well-being of themselves, their staff and students. So great to see more and more people understanding the link between food and mental health. Reach out to me here if you want to to come and talk to your staff or students.

** I worked with a wonderful Perth School as their Community Gardener and Sustainability Officer – you can see some more of my work through my Facebook page, here.

**We worked with St John’s to advocate for First Aid Allergy and Anaphylaxis training for parents – you can find the article here

Twinkl Australia (Educational Resources Company) asked me to be a guest writer for National Science Week all about the changes we can make to combat our food waste problem. You can find the article HERE

**I write for Earth Garden Magazine

These are the article and topics:

Winter 2019 #188 – The start of a new series, focusing on helping kids to eat well by encouraging them to garden

Spring 2019 #189 – Exposure to their food from the very beginning helping to reduce the fear for fussy eaters

Summer 2019 #190 – Helping kids to slow down and have unstructured time to explore, and connect with their environment

Autumn 2020 #191 – The full circle. Getting kids in the kitchen with the produce they’ve grown.

Winter 2020 #192 – A focus on apples

Spring 2020 #193 – Focus on cauliflower and avocados in our cooking

Summer 2020 #194 – Juicy tropical produce in our recipes in this seasons recipes

Winter 2021 #196 – Winter Warmers … with humble winter veg

Spring 2021 # 197 – Submitted and coming soon with 2 more recipes for baking.

**I love to teach people about their food and make it less scary for little ones – one of my very favourite times doing this was hands on with my supervising dietitian and young families. (P.S. …. Please don’t call TLC to book … This is an old flyer 😆😆)

**I created a new delicious biscuit recipe for 2 Brothers Foods using their fabulous, Australian Grown Teff – You can find the recipe and the article here.

**Twinkl Australia (educational Resources has shared my recipe for Crunchy Crumbles through their blog Healthy Light Bites For Quick Snacking

**At Christmas time I make and sell Gingerbread house kits – and even host events help you build the houses.

**Working in partnerships to give a wholistic perspective on health is fun! I loved working with Vicki Clark from M Power Health and Fitness to encourage and educate young women.

**I guess the most exciting part is that there is (finally!) a book in the works! After so many requests I have finally begun and I can’t wait to be able to share it with you all!!

J x