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Welcome to the Itchin’ Kitchen where I aim to provide simple, nutritious food for my family, as well as catering for multiple food allergies and sensitivities! But it’s not just itching we try to avoid – it’s also anaphylaxis, hives, eczema flares, failure to thrive due to a limited diet, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Plus I tackle fussy eaters and family meal times.

You can find out more about me by clicking on the ‘Meet Jess’ tab above.

My background is in Psychology and I am a Diploma qualified Nutritionist as well as being an experienced food allergy Mum. I hope that this blog can encourage you in feeding your family – especially if you have fussy little ones or if you’re new to the world of food allergies. I aim to make allergy friendly food nutritious, delicious and fun.

If you don’t have food allergies – this is still the kitchen for you – with recipes that everyone can enjoy. The recipes are labelled well with alternatives and options so that you can easily find a range of recipes to suit your family and friends.

Make sure you follow along (by subscribing to the RSS feed or by clicking on ‘Follow’ to get email updates) and let others know about us as we share our experiences here in the Itchin’ Kitchen. I’d love to hear your comments as we go.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to my kitchen

  1. Looking forward to following even though we don’t have allergies in our family currently (and I’ll be recommending this blog to others too!)

  2. WOW …. you girls sure do move fast…one week you are talking about it and the next week it’s done!!!! good one girls…

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