Roast Lamb

I love a good roast … trouble is, that as well as being a bit of an organise freak, I am also somewhat of a clean freak … which means that I don’t like letting my oven get dirty! So when I discovered how simple it was to cook a huge leg of lamb outside in the bbq I was very excited!

I use quite a large leg (about 2.5kg), then when it is cooked I carve it all up and freeze it in a couple of separate batches. It thaws well and it is great to be able to have a roast ready at such short notice!

  • Leg of lamb
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • ground salt
  • ground black pepper
  • fresh rosemary (before I had it growing in my garden, I used the dried variety and it works just fine)

Pre-heat the covered bbq to approx 180 degrees C.

Place the lamb in large baking dish, mix together the oil, salt, pepper and rosemary and rub into the lamb.

Place the baking dish on the bbq plate and turn off the burners that are directly underneath it. (I place the dish on the bbq plate on the left and only use the burners under the grill on the right going), then close the cover.

Leave to cook for about 30mins per 500g for a medium cooked roast. Do 5 mins less for 500g for a rare roast or 5 mins more for well done. Try to avoid lifting the cover of the bbq as you lose a lot of the heat each time.

The roast is cooked to medium when you stick a knife in and the juice runs out clear.

After cooking, cover in foil and leave to sit for 20-30mins before carving.

Serve with roast veggies and gravy.

Now all I need to do is learn how to carve properly 😉

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