Rye bread

Since we have been staying at my parents house our kids have been keen to join it the weekend ritual of some toast on the sunny deck for weekend breakfast – I normally make my own bread, but we are in crazy renovation mode at the moment so it has been a bit tricky for Ellie and Harry … until now!

2-June 2013 497

I found this 100% Rye bread at our local Woolies and it is really lovely! Not gluten free, but wheat, and everything else free too. It is soft, freezes well and it is great to be able to allow the kids to have sandwiches and toast. It is a bit pricey – about $6.50 for the loaf, but we use it sparingly only for those who can’t have normal bread and it’s not too bad.

Very excited to be able to have 'normal' toast
Very excited to be able to have ‘normal’ toast


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