Sticky Chilli chicken wings

These are one of our Summer favourites.

Only 2 ingredients required and last time I made them I did it one-handed in 5 minutes whilst I was holding a sad baby … so it gives you an idea of how easy they are!

You’ll need

  • chicken wings (or drumsticks)
  • a bottle of sweet chilli sauce.

Place the sauce in a bowl and roll the chicken in the sauce, making sure it is thickly coated.

October 2014 163

Place the chicken into a large, lined baking tray and transfer to a preheated oven. Cook at 200C for about an hour, turning the pieces after about 40mins and spooning the sauce from the bottom of the dish back over the chicken.

October 2014 166

Serve warm or cold with a fresh garden salad – enjoy 🙂

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