Chocolate Tarts

My precious girls turns 4 this week.

That tiny, fragile bundle that arrived into such a boisterous house has had massive impact on our lives. Despite her size (which she will quite happily stamp her foot and tell you is ‘just the right size for me!’) she is strong, feisty, fiercely determined and independent as well as being funny, clever and kind. She is an absolute delight and the way that she deals with all of the challenges life has thrown at her is admirable to say the least!

She requested a High Tea for her Birthday … so an Ellie Safe High Tea it was. Watching her be able to serve herself and hearing her squeal ‘I can eat EVERYTHING!’ was worth every second of baking!

We had Chocolate Truffles, Mini Doughnut Muffins, Blueberry friands, Sweet and Salty Puffed corn, Chevup Sausage rolls, Gingerbread muffins, Chocolate tarts, Cucumber and soy cream cheese rye sandwiches (crust off of course!) and wholegrain rice crackers piped with hummus.

Don't think she could be any happier!
Don’t think she could be any happier!

The chocolate tarts were new to us and they were very tasty!

I used the vegan version of my Sweet Shortcrust Pasty. Half the quantity in the recipe makes 12 mini tart cases.

Use a large scone cutter to make circles of pasty, then press into a lined muffin tin and bake in a preheated moderate oven for about 12-15 minute.



Remove from oven and allow to cool before removing from patty pan.

While the cases cool, make the chocolate custard.

I made the chocolate version of my Thick Custard, but I used chocolate almond milk this time for a bit more flavour. Reduce the cornflour to 25g. (The 12 tart cases use only half the quantity of custard made by this recipe).

As soon as custard is ready, pour it into the cooled tart cases and place in the fridge for 2 hours to set.


Dust with icing sugar to serve.


Makes 12 and they last (if there are any left!) for several days in an airtight container in the fridge.

Enjoy 🙂

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