Honey oat biscuits

Sometimes you just really need bikkies in a hurry!

This recipe doesn’t need anything special – just 4 basic pantry ingredients and they’ll be cooling on your bench less than 25 minutes after you decided you needed a bikkie!

  • 240g rolled oats
  • 260 flour of choice (wholemeal spelt or a plain gf mix)
  • 200g vegan butter
  • 200g honey or maple syrup

In a large bowl, melt together the honey and butter (Speed 2, 100C about 2 1/2 mins) – then set aside.

Place the oats in your processor/thermal appliance or even bullet and give a couple of quick pulses to roughly shop the oats.

Add in the flour and mix well until combined (Speed 4, 10 secs).

Add in the melted butter mix and mix to combine (Speed 4, 8 secs).

Scoop spoon fulls of mixture on to a line baking tray and then use a fork to slightly flatten them.


Place in to a preheated 180C oven and bake for 16-18 minutes.

The biscuits will still be soft when removed from the oven. Leave them on the baking tray for 10 minutes (go ahead a ‘test’ one if you must!).


Move to an airing rack to finish cooling … or just eat them warm!

Makes about 22-24.


Enjoy 🙂

** I haven’t  made an oat free version of these ones yet. I’d start by increasing the flour mix to 300g and then using a 200g mix of rice puffs, rolled quinoa and shredded coconut to replace the oats. I’ll update with exact quantities when I do!

6 thoughts on “Honey oat biscuits

  1. Thanks for the suggestions for oat free. I was thinking of swapping the oats for quinoa flakes but I’ll give your recommendation a try.

    1. You’re welcome. I always find that a mixture of those ingredients makes for a less overpowering taste.
      Let me know how you go!

      1. I made these today with 300g of my blend of gluten free flour (today it had brown rice flour, a little corn flour, more tapioca flour & some yellow maize flour). I used 100g quinoa flakes, 50g dessicated coconut & 50g hazelnut meal (as I didn’t have any rice puffs & was looking for some nuts to use). I was a little worried that they were going to spread whilst baking but they held their shape well and tasted ok too. I might play with the quinoa, coconut, nut blend if I make them again. Was also thinking that they could be joined together with some chocolate filling, a bit like a kingston biscuit.

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