Creamy Salsa Chicken

This is now a long term family favourite in our house!

It was adapted from a reecipe on the Slow Cooker site I belong to, called ‘My Slow Cooker Recipes!!!’.

  • 800g roughly chopped chicken thighs, skin removed
  • 2 tbsp Mexican Seasoning
  • Mexican salsa (2/3 of this quantity)2-July 2013 117
  • 2 tin corn kernels, drained
  • 2 tin kidney beans, drained
  • 100g coconut cream
  • 1 bag plain corn chips
  • Grated Cheese of choice, optional

Place chicken in the bottom of the slow cooker.

Sprinkle over the seasoning, then add the salsa.

Replace lid on slow cooker and cook on low for 5 hours.

Add the corn and kidney beans to mix, stir through and return the lid, cooking for a further hour. I often add in an extra tin of black beans here too.

Just before serving, stir though the coconut cream.

Serve on a bed of corn chips and sprinkle with cheese if your diet allows.

(If you are avoiding corn chips, I have really enjoyed a scoop of the meat and veg mix topped with 1/2 a sliced ripe avocado and a sprinkle of fresh coriander). Or serve on brown rice.


This makes a large batch, enough for 2 serve for all of our family. I freeze the left over half of the chicken mix and it defrosts really well.

If you don’t want as much spice, use the mild version of taco salsa.

1-July 2013 119

Enjoy 🙂

P.S we occasional change this one up a bit by using gravy beef in place of the chicken … Yum!


6 thoughts on “Creamy Salsa Chicken

  1. I made this today and it was delicious! It was lovely to be able to prep and put it on at rest time rather than in the crazy ‘getting ready for school’ morning time, and know it would be ready for our 5:30pm dinner. We added mashed avocado as an additional topping and sprinkled with coriander leaves since I have some at the moment. Both excellent additions. Next time I will make it with 1kg of chicken thighs since we probably ate more than half tonight.

    Also I cooked a little bit of rice to put with Emmalyn’s instead of the corn chips as she isn’t quite up to them yet. I put the leftover rice into the rest of the chicken mix that I’ve frozen for another time.

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